Costruzioni e riparazioni navali ed off-shore



TECNONAVAL LTD is a young and dynamic
however, is composed only thirty years in the shipbuilding industry, the holder
and his main collaborators. The positive trend that has characterized
the last years, is the confirmation that professionalism, competence
staff and attention to the market, projecting our company
towards the target for the best Italian companies.
All our works are performed according to specifications dictated by customers
and in perfect accord with the dynamics and procedures used for plants
particularly complex.
The wide availability of trained personnel and appropriately
format, provides the ability to perform work of any size.


More than ten years ago, our group has started a process of growth and creation of new reality, together with the primary structure (the TECNONAVAL Ltd.) contribute to the creation of new business goals.
The SHIPPING SERVICE Ltd., a subsidiary of Tecnonaval, it operates with the same technologies, under the direct leadership of the same manager, making use also of the collaboration of skilled workers, and sharing with the parent company, the same order to ensure the realization of any work required as quickly as possible and in full satisfaction of the customer.

The variety of work and the ability to respond to market needs, is paid a growth company whose business policy was finally consolidated in ‘expansion of our group abroad.
In 2010 in fact the Tecnonaval has opened a branch in Malta, where the shipbuilding sector is still growing and whose strategic geographical location, the crossroads of the main trade routes in the Mediterranean, is the centerpiece of naval activities of various kinds.

Later, in 2013, the experience of these two major companies, it is born a third:
the MA.RI.NAVAL LTD , Whose headquarters has over 1000 m2 indoor and another 300 m2 without coverage. This new company was put in place following the desire to increase our offer in the field of turning and grinding of main and auxiliary engines using high precision machinery.

E ‘in this context that comes to life GROUP TECNONAVAL, whose human resources today amount to a total of 70 employees.

For each individual situation of our group, to achieve all targets professional, is paid to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001; 2000 for quality management company (RINA certified 11151/04 / S).
E ‘was also awarded recently, the ISO 3834-2.
Our Group also follows all the safety regulations according to the PLAN OF RISK ASSESSMENT (Legislative Decree 81/2008 as amended)
In addition, all our employees have obtained certificates of conformity at the fire-fighting training, first aid promoted by us and many of them have qualified as operators to telehandlers, sailors, and certified welders (UNI EN-ISO 9606-1) . They have been promoted even technical English courses for our employees.